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Richard “Grasshopper” Leslie ~ Part Two May 6, 2013

Richard “Dick” Arthur Leslie
Born to Charles & Esther Leslie on August 24, 1927 in Ashland, Kentucky. Dick had 2 brothers and 4 sisters and was a loving husband, father, Brother and Grandfather. He is survived by his wife of 42 years Mary, 8 children Sheila, Jim, Chet, Chris, Steve, Charles, Sandy and Sue; 23 Grandchildren and 35 Great Grandchildren. Dick was very proud of the service he was able to give his country and spent 23 years in the US Navy and seven years in the reserves. He enjoyed dropping a line in to the water, throwing a bowling ball, and shaking a leg on the dance floor. He spent many hours around the kitchen table playing games with friends and family. Dick cherished his time with his friends and family.  He cherished the Church also.  They were also his family.  More to come. Please come back again.   Thank you for sharing this wonderful man with me.  He is in Heaven looking down on all of his friends and family.



Bravery March 9, 2011

How can I express what I feel about the Military?  Well, I am so appreciative of each and every Military man and woman who serve this country and serve it proud.

I came across this article today on Yahoo about a young gentleman that wants so bad to be in the Army but probably won’t make it due to his illness.  Please take time to look at this article because I believe it shows the bravery of our future soldiers.

Click on the following link:

If this does not grab your heart I am not sure what will.

I raise my hand to you my young honorary soldier Brennan Daigle as you will always be in my heart.