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Book Reviews January 11, 2012

I read about three or four books a month.  They range in varieties.  My favorite genre is probably supernatural or horror.

So, I have decided to do reviews on each of the books that I read.  I would love to hear anyone’s feedback on them as well.

Also, I am an avid collector of older books and own quite a few.  It would be nice to find other people who are collectors and can help with questions I might have when it comes to the rarity of the books or what they might be worth.

Ok, that is it for now but you will be hearing from soon.  Until then Stay Gold!!!!


Soul Surfer movie July 12, 2011

I finally went and seen this movie.  Wowwwwww!!!!!!  What a spiritual and uplifting fact based movie.  If you have a chance to go see it,  DO!!!!!  When you get done watching it, sit back and think a while at how most of us have it amazingly good in this life but that we are the ones who make ourselves miserable.  Then take a look at this brave girl who had way harder struggles to deal with and she has made an inspiration of herself from here to afar.  I for one want to thank her for sharing her incredible story.

Follow the link above to get a description of the movie and the ratings from users and critics.  Tell me if you agree with the ratings.