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My Good Life May 3, 2013

I so appreciate my life today. I have come to realize what tragedies I have made for myself throughout the years. Why? I ask myself. God is the only one that knows. He has obviously had a purpose for me going through the hell that was in my life. It has made me a strong but changed individual today. I am in a very loving marriage, even through our trials and sins. I have beautiful children and an amazing family. I may have taken some or all of them for granted at some point, and for this I am truly sorry. I also have the most faithful and loving friends anyone could have. I know I have had to let some people go that I thought were friends, but have come to realize they were not helping, but hurting me. I pray for them. I think this has come about because I have learned to trust in God. I know not everyone believes in God, but please do not judge me because I do. Things will get even better the more I live my life in a great and positive way. And I have the help of a fabulous husband that keeps me on the path of good. Thank you all for letting speak these words. It is something I have needed to do for a long time, so that I can forgive myself for all the wrongdoings I have done over the years. God Bless you all.


The New Year January 11, 2012

Ok, so I haven’t been on here and done a post for a very long time.  But, since it is a new year I thought why not start fresh and try to do at least three a week.

I am extremely excited for this year and all the blessings that I know we are going to receive.  Vibes are running strong through my body and that seems to be a great sign.

So, check back in with me often and I think you will be very happy.

Thank you and Happy New Year to all.