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Pacific Rim July 17, 2013

Oh my was this movie action packed.

My husband and I went to see it last night and got more than we expected.  Action, a bit of comedy and drama all rolled into one.  We really enjoyed it.

The cast made this movie even better.

  1. Charlie Hunnam (Raleigh Becket)~ a great actor and I love anything he does.  This is a totally different character for him.  Sons of Anarchy is probably on of the best shows.
  2. Idris Elba (Stacker Pentecost)~ I have seen him in a few movies and what I have seen I love.  The character is perfect for him. 
  3. Rinko Kikuchi (Mako Mori~ I don’t believe I have ever seen her in anything.  But boy is she good.  I look forward to seeing more of her work.
  4. Charlie Day (Dr. Newton Geiszler)~ Oh Lord he was hilarious.  Same high pitched voice as in every thing else he does.  AWESOME!!!!

I think this movie is so worth seeing.  I want to actually go see it again.  My hubby loved it as well.  He came home from work today saying he could not stop thinking about it all day.  Now that is saying something.



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