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Family of Importance March 19, 2011

How can I say what my family means to me?  Let me start out by saying I enjoy each and every one of the in separate ways.  Now I am not saying I love one more than the other but just in individual ways.

My oldest son J, lives with me and makes sure mom is not messed with.  Everyone says that I favor him more than any of the others but this is not true.  He is just the one that I connected with first and he was a mommy’s boy up until his dad and I got divorced. and he went to live with him.

The second child, C is an amazing girl.  She is the studious of all my children.  This year she will graduate after four years of college at Washington State University.  Go Cougs!!!  C has always been a daddy’s girl and probably always will be.  I am so proud of her.

Third is another son C.  He was and is honery from the word go.  As soon as he was born, a month late mind you, I never got to hold him because they took him right to nicu.  But here he is today being himself.

Last but not least, M.  She has to be the most difficult and argumentative child.  I love her to death but she is hard to raise.  She is definitely her own person.  She is such a daddy’s girl unlike any other.  She will grow up to be tall and beautiful and smart though.  I am confident in that.

I also have two other children that are my husbands.  K who is tall, blonde and crazy cute.  She is another studious one and funny.  She will grow up to be a model I am sure.  Then there is C who is another of our honery children.  He loves to play outside.  Also, he plays baseball each year and will probably grow up to be a professional baseball player.

My Husband, G.  What can I say that would do him justice?  He is that most amazing man who any woman could ask for in a husband.  When he came into my life, it couldn’t have been at a better time.  This man helped me in ways that others were just destroying me in.  I will love him until my dying days.

So, there you have just a little bit of my loved ones.  Enjoy, there will be more to come.


5 Responses to “Family of Importance”

  1. justramblin' Says:

    It sounds like you are blessed with an amazing family. Enjoy!

    • Sulinda Says:

      I am truly a blessed individual. In this day and age we as a civilization do not hold our families close enough to our hearts like it should be. We are an amazing creation and to see families fight and break up over petty stuff just tears at me heart strings. So, I just hold mine close and love them as much as I can. Even though we may have our disagreements, we still protect and look out for each other. Thank you for reading my blogs.

  2. Subimbo Says:

    is that how christian feels about you , you fuckin life wrecker!!! Your just a ho, face it!

    • Sulinda Says:

      If you don’t know any facts, you should probably keep your opinions to yourself. I will pray for you though. I know who you are and maybe you should pray to God that he will forgive you for your shortcomings. Have a wonderful day.

    • Sulinda Says:

      It is really sad that you have to hide yourself, but I have approved your message so that everyone can see what small mind you have and how afraid you are to show yourself.

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