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Rating Movies and Books March 23, 2011

Ok, so I am a huge movie fan and read a lot of books.  I love to go and see them or sit in the living room and watch any movie.  Now, whether it is good or not I still like to make sure if I start it, then I finish it.  When I am not working or watching something I am reading a book.  So, I thought since I am a fan that I would do my own ratings of them.  I always tend to go to the various search engines and see what they rate them at.  Some of the time I might agree with them and sometimes they are so completely wrong.  In my opinion.  But that is why I decided to do blogs on movies and books.  I am very open to anyone who has thoughts on what I blog about and am willing to have discussions about them also.  Please comment what you are feeling.  So, be ready for some great blogs coming your way.


Elizabeth Taylor Will be Missed

Oh, what a sad thing to wake up to.  I thought she was an outstanding actress and have seen almost all of her movies.  Such a tragedy but I am glad she is not suffering any longer.  My thoughts and prayers go out to all her friends and family.  God Bless then all.


More devastating videos of Japan

I am so extremely sad for these people that I am in a loss for words.  Here is another link that shows a few videos that just make my jaw drop in aww of the destruction.  Wow is all I got to say.

There are several different videos that go along with this link.  Just take a moment and tell me your thoughts.


Family of Importance March 19, 2011

How can I say what my family means to me?  Let me start out by saying I enjoy each and every one of the in separate ways.  Now I am not saying I love one more than the other but just in individual ways.

My oldest son J, lives with me and makes sure mom is not messed with.  Everyone says that I favor him more than any of the others but this is not true.  He is just the one that I connected with first and he was a mommy’s boy up until his dad and I got divorced. and he went to live with him.

The second child, C is an amazing girl.  She is the studious of all my children.  This year she will graduate after four years of college at Washington State University.  Go Cougs!!!  C has always been a daddy’s girl and probably always will be.  I am so proud of her.

Third is another son C.  He was and is honery from the word go.  As soon as he was born, a month late mind you, I never got to hold him because they took him right to nicu.  But here he is today being himself.

Last but not least, M.  She has to be the most difficult and argumentative child.  I love her to death but she is hard to raise.  She is definitely her own person.  She is such a daddy’s girl unlike any other.  She will grow up to be tall and beautiful and smart though.  I am confident in that.

I also have two other children that are my husbands.  K who is tall, blonde and crazy cute.  She is another studious one and funny.  She will grow up to be a model I am sure.  Then there is C who is another of our honery children.  He loves to play outside.  Also, he plays baseball each year and will probably grow up to be a professional baseball player.

My Husband, G.  What can I say that would do him justice?  He is that most amazing man who any woman could ask for in a husband.  When he came into my life, it couldn’t have been at a better time.  This man helped me in ways that others were just destroying me in.  I will love him until my dying days.

So, there you have just a little bit of my loved ones.  Enjoy, there will be more to come.


Tsunami Waves Cause Damage In Northern Calif. March 11, 2011


Tsunami Hits Japan

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OMG!!!  What is the world coming too?

A devastating Tsunami it Japan yesterday and now here in Oregon we are feeling the aftermath of it as well.  Not to the extent Japan is but it is pretty scary all the same.

I have been watching the news all morning an wow is all I have to say.  The video of the waves flowing over the land and destrying everything in its path is breathtaking and sad at the same time.  I am and will be praying for all who are in that area and for all the families who have lost members of their family.

The following link is from Good Day Oregon:

I will keep posting with new information.


American Idol 03/10/2011

Well, Ashton was let go this week and I believe that the right choice was made by the viewers.  She is a very good singer but this is the time in the competition that you really want to make sure that you shine and bring your all.

I was very happy to see Adam Lambert as a special guest.  He has been a very good performer and glad to see how well he is doing.

Well, more to come next week.


American Idol 03/09/11 March 9, 2011

Wow, what a night for the remaining 13 contestants on American Idol.  I feel that half of them were just ok and the other half had a very good night.  I want to share my opinion of how each of the singers did in my eyes.

1st~Lauren Alaina~She showed the same sassiness as always but it was not her best performance.  She was somewhat pitchy is spots but held out for a decent performance over all

2nd~Casey Abrams~Well, what is there to even say?  This guy is amazing by all rights.  He just seems to get better and better with each song he sings.  He has a long career ahead of him

3rd~Ashton Jones~Unfortunately, this performance did not do her justice.  I know the song but almost didn’t recognize it.  She is a great singer so I hope she steps it up

4th~Paul McDonald~I was not to hip on his song choice tonight.  He needs to stick with the Rod Stewart type music he sang the last week.  He also is going to go very far in this industry.

5th~Pia Toscano~OMG!  This girl is absolutely outstanding.  Each and every time she puts the microphone up to her mouth and I hear the melody that flows from her I get so choked up.

6th~James Durbin~I am so happy that this kid decided to try out because we are all in for a great big surprise at the final vote.  I believe he will be standing right there.  I for one will buy his CDs.

7th~Haley Reinhart~Her voice reminds me of a cross between Stevie Nicks and Bette Midler.  The way she sang tonight was refreshing and relaxing.  I don’t think it was boring or sleepy at all as Randy said.  Bad Dog.

8th~Jacob Lusk~He has a deep-set of lungs but I do believe they failed him tonight.  Normally, I would say yeah but it was a nay for song choice.  Sorry Jacob but I really thought he strayed to far from the original R Kelly version.

9th~Thia Megia~Young and sounds like she has been singing for 20 years.  She is someone who people are going to definitely remember in this season.  Even if she is voted off, I honestly think she should give it another shot and try out again.  I just think she needs a little time under her belt.

10th~Stefano Langone~I just really was not that impressed with his performance.  It was ok but nothing to hoot and holler about.

11th~Karen Rodriguez~I am a little disappointed at the way she performed her song choice.  She has an amazing sound quality and it sounded to me like she was just tired and wanted to be done.

12th~Scotty McCreery~This kid has so much heart and is so humble.  I just love the way he sings and how much of his soul he puts in to each and every song he takes on.  You can not ask for a nicer more considerate sounding guy.

13th~Naima Adedapo~Just ok.  She took  a risk but it did not pay off like I hoped it had.  Hopefully, she will get another chance to show what she can do.

I am not sure at the moment who is going to win yet because all 13 are so talented in their own way.  What I do hope is that all have an amazing career for a long time doing what it is they love and that is sing.


OMG!! Watch this kid.

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Ok, here we go again.  I was reading the news on Yahoo, as I do every morning and found this article and video of an 8 year old wrestler.  Wow!!!

I was so amazed at this little guy.  He definately has some determination to win or at least finish.

Just follow the link below and see what you think.  AMAZING!!!

Go Steve.



How can I express what I feel about the Military?  Well, I am so appreciative of each and every Military man and woman who serve this country and serve it proud.

I came across this article today on Yahoo about a young gentleman that wants so bad to be in the Army but probably won’t make it due to his illness.  Please take time to look at this article because I believe it shows the bravery of our future soldiers.

Click on the following link:

If this does not grab your heart I am not sure what will.

I raise my hand to you my young honorary soldier Brennan Daigle as you will always be in my heart.