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Not Smoking December 18, 2010

Wow, I am doing amazing with this not smoking thing. Since October 1, 2010 I have maybe smoked a couple of cigarettes in total. Yeah me!!

I am not going back to smoking.


Being Sick

I hate this feeling of being sick. Not sleeping well, tossing and turning. I absolutely feel like I am going to die.

Morgan is sick also, well she is on the last leg of it. I know she gave it to me. Darn child.

As of eight days ago, I have had a headache and it does not seem to want to go away. Then two days ago I started having a raspy throat and hard time swallowing. As of yesterday I have felt seriously like death warmed over.

This will go away. Lots of rest and liquids.


Raising Kids

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Who said it was easy?

I hope that she will understand why she has boundaries and rules, One day. It is so exhausting trying to fight the point across and hope that it makes it through her thick teenage skull. Sometimes, I do just give up but other times I am ready to fight tooth and nail.

Lately, it seems to be getting more physical. I smacked her mouth after back talk and mind you I was not abusing her with a rough smack but a light one to let her know it is not ok. Now, she is hitting back mostly with a closed fist.

I try to talk to her but she seems to think she is old enough to take care of herself. She says she is going to get emancipated. I explain to her how that works and again she thinks she is old enough to make this decision.

Do they ever learn? Well, that is a loaded question. I have learned in my years that we continue to learn until the day we go to meet the LORD!!

God Bless All.