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New 2 this blogging August 26, 2010

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Ok, so it seems that everyone and their mother are doing some sort of blog these days. 

So, I thought why not.  It just means that I can get my thoughts and frustrations out there

for the whole world to see and maybe comment on.  I know, there will be a lot of criticism

as well, but, that is ok as well.  I am all for it.

So, a little about me.  I am a mother of four beautiful children, who are all very different. 

Josh, my oldest, is funny, outgoing and is a partner in a construction business.  Cassie, my

oldest daughter, is in her fourth year of college.  She is a hard worker and definitely outgoing

also.  Cody, youngest son, is a little more hot headed but, outgoing as well.  He is very

independent and does not want help.  Then last but not least there is Morgan, my youngest

daughter.  What can I tell you about her?  Well, she is definitely defiant and has her own agenda.

She is always on the go and wants to do things her own way.  15 and knows everything. Ha.

Anyhow, I am also married to a wonderful man named, Garrett.  He is a very subdues man

and is happy almost every day.  He goes to work everyday sick or not.  We have been married

for a little over three years now and I can not see myself without him at any time.  I love that


And then there is me.  I am an outgoing person, this must be where the children get it.  My life

consists of going to work and then coming home and doing the normal motherly duties like cook,

clean and do laundry among other things.  Some of my hobbies are drawing abstract art, watching

sports, playing with my grandbaby Danny.  He is the cutest thing ever. 

Well, what else is there?  There is definitely more but we will leave that for another day.